Stop Running!!!

12 Feb

It’s that time of year when the slightest infraction can cause even the calmest, coolest of teachers to spazz out just a bit.  As the doldrums of winter slowly crawl towards spring break, it’s nice to have someone like the Pasty-White Lumberjack to pass along bits of wisdom.  For those teaching elementary, there’s no shortage of kids running through the hallways.  Why?  Are they in a hurry to get back to class so they can crack open their math book and tear through a few pages of story problems?  I doubt it.  The next time you see the next Jesse Owens running through the hallway, try this:  First, step into the path of the oncoming sprinter. (If he doesn’t slow down, turn sideways-that way it won’t hurt so much when he crashes into you.) Reach out your hand and say something like, “Hey, I don’t believe we’ve met.  You are….?”  After the introductions are over proceed to ask as many questions as you can in a ten to fifteen second window while shaking his hand the entire time. End with the following: “Where do you think you’d be right now if I hadn’t stopped to ask you all these questions?”  (Always smile-even if you don’t feel like it-acting annoyed or irritated will surely cause things to backfire.)

This is definitely better (and more fun) than screaming, “Slow down!!!”

“I’d rather they think I’m crazy than think I’m mean.” Pasty-White Lumberjack

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Posted by on February 12, 2011 in Teaching Tips


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