Newsletter Camp?

09 Mar

Excerpts from a (fake) bulletin I made a few years ago…


Harvey Steinicher will show you how to take your newsletters to the next level!
Sign-up today! Spots for this summer’s camp are going fast.

“I invented the newsletter. Take my course and take your newsletters to the next level.” -Harvey Steinicher

Earn college credit!

“I couldn’t write a newsletter to save my life. Harvey showed me how to do it right.” – Yolanda Bell, 6th grade teacher

“I can’t think of a better way to waste time and earn college credit.” – Sandy Leffingwell, 2nd grade teacher

“Harvey showed me how to use clip art. I used to put stickers on my newsletters so they would look like everyone else’s.” – Drake Hollowman, 4th grade teacher

“My newsletters are so good, I only have to write two or three a year.” – Christine Vandensmirk, 3rd grade teacher

“I couldn’t believe how awesome this class was. Since I’ve been to Harvey’s camp, I’ve used clip art to fill-up the empty spaces on my newsletters. NOW I DON’T HAVE TO TYPE AS MUCH!” – Chuck Flanagan, 5th grade teacher

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