20 Sep

It’s time for another teaching tip from the PWL. Much of the first few weeks consists of me doing a lot of explaining. I recently told someone that my goal was to have this class running itself by November. I wasn’t kidding either. What kind of teacher wants to be reminding children what they should and should not be doing into April? Not this one. The first few weeks are always the most difficult as some kids want to make sure you mean what you say. My cooperating teacher told me that during her first year of teaching she said to her class, “If you kids don’t quiet down, I’m going to go sit in my car. Guess what? Her class didn’t quiet down. They wanted to see if she was for real. (I don’t remember what she did after that.) Here’s what I learned: Never offer a choice you aren’t going to be happy with. I’ll use a bad example to illustrate my point: “Class…it’s getting too loud in here. If you don’t quiet down, I’m going to get really upset!” At this point, there will be at least a handful of kids who actually want to see you lose your cool and will proceed to get louder in order to see what your boiling point is. The point at which you start to come unglued, some kid will surely be saying to himself, “Mission accomplished.”

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