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Make Your Own Tabloid

One of my favorite writing assignments: Make Your Own Tabloid. It’s a fun way to practice using quotation marks.



Materials: Magazines, scissors, glue-stick, and a wild imagination.



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MAD LIBS in the Classroom

If you’ve taught for more than three days then you know that five or ten minutes with nothing to do can seem like an eternity. Especially if your room is full of rambunctious adolescents. In addition to filling a few minutes and keeping your class from turning into a three-ring circus, MAD LIBS is sure to elevate your level of coolness. Saying something like, “Sneakers keep you from skidding on toilet seats, and when I run, they keep me from stubbing my lips.” is a guaranteed way to remind your class that you know how to have a good time.

For a really good time try Napoleon Dynamite MAD LIBS.  (Taken from “Ask Napoleon Dynamite”Whenever I have –Noun– problems and life begins to make me —Adjective– , I just say, “What would Napoleon Dynamite do?”)

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