Kids Say the Darndest Things

15 Mar

I hear all kinds of things from kids as a teacher. A few weeks ago a kid came up to me and said, “When we do math my brain gets warm on this side of my head.” (Points to right side of his head.) But today was the grandaddy of student quotes. My class was coming in from recess and after several minutes of students wandering back to their seats, a boy approached me at my desk and said, “When I was in the bathroom, I slapped So-and-So on the butt, and then he turned around and kicked me in the balls…and it hurt.” I very calmly told him, “Well, I guess you’re even then.” He looked at me kind of weird and slowly walked away. (I think he was hoping I’d do something to the kid that kicked him.)

This brings me to my next point. Would you have ever said the word “balls” while talking to your teacher? I know we didn’t talk like that around adults when I was growing up.

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