I Wonder…

01 Jun

Here’s a list of some different things I’ve wondered over the past several years as a teacher:

I wonder…

– why some children raise their hand to answer a question and immediately after being called upon say, “Uh…I forgot.”

– why some kids are able to scrounge up enough money for a candy sale or the school carnival but not for a field trip.

– why a child who’s about to throw up feels it’s necessary to come and tell you instead of high-tailing it out the door.

– if sending three reminder slips and four e-mails really helps students become more responsible.

– why the people making decisions involving education are the ones least affected by those decisions.

– why guest speakers at school assemblies often ask open-ended questions to several hundred kids, to which they all respond in unison, then immediately tell them to quiet down.

– why our most challenging students are never absent.

– why some volunteers get all dressed up to work with elementary-aged kids. (A mini-skirt and stilettos? Seriously?)

– how merit pay and a heavy emphasis on standardized testing will improve education.

– why some teachers leave their leftovers in the fridge for several months.

And finally…

– what’s really in school pizza and why would anyone eat something that looks like that.

-Mr. B

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