Can You Repeat That?

14 Aug

Since the chances of every single child in your class listening attentively during the first few weeks of school is pretty slim, it’s pretty clear that you’re going to be repeating yourself…A LOT! This, too, is something you’re going to need to start getting in the habit of doing before Labor Day. If you have children of your own, practice on them. If not, perhaps the dog or your spouse will suffice.

Once school resumes, if you find yourself getting a little irritated by constantly repeating yourself, try to avoid asking the age-old questions: Were you listening? How many times do I need to repeat myself?, etc. It’s not that they’re bad questions, it’s just that it provides the class smart-aleck an excellent opportunity to give a smart-aleck reply, which just might have your class rolling out of their chairs.

As a classroom teacher, nothing seemed to wear me down faster than repeating myself. I eventually discovered that using non-verbal cues were an excellent way to avoid the stress of saying the same thing over and over again. My students knew that when I pointed my index finger down towards the ground and made a few quick circles that meant: Ask one of your neighbors.

Hope this helps,

Mr. B

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