Standardized Testing Tips

09 Oct

M.E.A.P. testing has commenced here in Michigan, which means thousands of children will be filling-in little, tiny bubbles for the next several days. Teachers, on the other hand, will be spending a considerable amount of time e-mailing other staff members and looking at various blogs and websites that haven’t been blocked by their district.

Teachers, be sure to position your computer screen as not to distract students while they’re testing. Most importantly this will allow you to scan the World Wide Web, and all that it has to offer, while the kiddos are carrying out the dubious task of trying to make your school look good.

When your eyes begin to swaggle and your vision gets blurry, be sure to peruse around the room. Nothing motivates little kids like an adult breathing down their neck while they’re trying to stay focused.  Be sure to scowl at any student you catch filling-in an incorrect bubble. Technically, that’s not telling them the answer. It’s more like saying, “You may want to consider one of the other three choices.”

Hope this helps,

Mr. B

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