18 Oct


Don’t you hate it when that happens? I’m talking about computers and such. It’s hard to think of anything more challenging than being in a situation where you anticipate using the latest bit of technology, and for whatever reason things go haywire. You frantically begin pushing buttons and aiming remote control devices directly at the target, while flicking your arm like you’re involved in an imaginary fencing match and muttering unsuitable words under your breath. (This is the point in the lesson where the kids will inch forward and stop talking for a millisecond to see what you’re going to do.) If you’re anything like me, your first response is rarely any good. It’s tempting to shout obscenities or throw a few Expo markers at whatever is supposed to be working, but for some cruel and unusual reason is not. Like a lot of other areas in life, it’s good to be prepared. It’s time to reach into your bag of tricks and pull out something that will dazzle their minds, but most importantly kill some time while you think of what to do next.

-Learn a few magic tricks.

-Mad Libs were created for these moments.

-Take a really long time to tell them what they were scheduled to see or do. If you can take longer to explain the activity than the time it would have taken to do the actual activity, you are a very gifted individual.

-Always keep a filmstrip and filmstrip projector in the closet. So what if it has absolutely nothing to do with what you had planned.

-Say, “Class, go ahead and take out your math books…again.”

-And my personal favorite: Surprise a colleague by dropping off your class at their door and saying, “Something really important just came up, see you in forty-five minutes. I’ll explain later.”

Hope this helps,

Mr. B


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