Teacher Gift Ideas

30 Nov


This is the time of year when teachers get a little giddy as they anticipate a little reprieve from their classroom duties. Two weeks to sleep in, go to the bathroom whenever they want, etc. In addition to getting some time off, every teacher on the face of the planet secretly hopes the parents of their students remember them during the holiday season. Specifically with gift cards and such. Since I have nothing to gain by writing this, I feel no shame in making a few suggestions on behalf of teachers.

Teachers love gift cards to restaurants and bookstores. They aren’t crazy about ceramic coffee mugs…unless there’s a gift card tucked inside. Most teachers love chocolate. Popcorn popped at home and placed inside a Ziploc bag is a no-no, but caramel corn, cheese popcorn, and butter-flavored popcorn inside a fancy tin container complete with Christmas-like paintings is usually a big hit. Stay away from ties and other apparel…unless it’s used to hide a gift card.  A copy of Dead Poet’s Society or School House Rock on VHS isn’t very sensible, but a gift card to a local movie theatre would be much appreciated. The best gift of all, perhaps, is a nice card with an encouraging note thanking your kid’s teacher for all they do (…with a gif….never mind.)

Hope this helps,

Mr. B




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