Field Trip Fun

10 Apr

lansing picI recently visited Michigan’s Capitol building and Michigan’s Historical Museum for about the tenth time in my life. But it was so much different this time. Instead of twenty-five or thirty students (and sometimes almost as many parent chaperones!!!!), this time I took my own kids. While we were there, I showed them some prominent locations where I have some very fond memories, especially the spot where two boys from my class once got into a fight (Historical Museum, 3rd floor, by the red convertible). I laughed as I told them about it, but I wasn’t laughing when it happened. I was slightly amused when I heard a teacher a short distance away getting after her class for being too loud. Telling them to slow down and stop running through the museum.

Out of all my trips to the Capitol building and Historical Museum, this one was the most relaxing. It was the first time I went there without having to pop two Tylenol on the way home. Because I was so relaxed, I had time to think of a few field trip “dos” and don’ts.”

  1. Bring at least two pain reliever tablets (500 mg. minimum) for yourself. It would be in your best interest to take one before the trip even begins.
  2. Don’t forget student medications, especially for the hyperactive ones.
  3. If possible, try to have enough parent chaperones so that you are free to roam around by yourself. On one of my last field trips as a classroom teacher, I ate lunch twice. Because I could.
  4. Encourage students to bring electronic devices with earphones for the bus ride. Anything to keep them from shouting and screaming at or to each other while riding in something equivalent to a soup can on wheels.
  5. Whatever happens…when you return to school, the number of students getting off the bus  should be fairly close to the number of students that got on the bus earlier in the day.

Hope this helps,

Mr. B

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