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He’s Back!

Class Visit

I spent some time last week at a local (and very familiar) elementary school sharing the joys and struggles of writing with the students there. I showed them a lot of this:

revising II  revising IIrevising I

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Just Blow On It

Almost every elementary class has at least one hypochondriac. More often than not, there are usually two or three. You know, the kind of kids that approach you in hysterics in desperate need of a band-aid after every recess only to reveal a hangnail or a scratch that’s so little it requires a magnifying glass to see it.

Here are my suggestions to keep band-aid use to a minimum:

  1. At the beginning of each marking period or semester, give each child the same number of band-aids. “Band-aids don’t grow on trees!”
  2.  Keep a clipboard with a sheet of notebook paper near the medical supplies. Kids will need to write their name and why they need a band-aid. After a child has used their quota, they will be forced to use a cotton ball and scotch tape to cover their boo-boos.
  3. Have your class elect a Band-Aid Council consisting of either three or five kids. (Must be an odd number to keep results from ending in a tie.) Injured student approaches Band-Aid Council with request for band-aid. Upon inspection, they decide whether the injured child does in fact need a band-aid.
  4.  After a close examination, you say, “If you want a band-aid, I’m going to need to see some more blood.”
  5. Tell them to blow on it.

Hope it helps,

Mr. B

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