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Ward’s Wisdom


I recently purchased the second season of Leave it to Beaver. I got it for the kids, but gee whiz, I kind of like watching it too. When I heard the following, I just had to share it:

Mr. Cleaver: “When I was younger I used to use my mother’s library card so I could get twice as many books.”

Mrs. Cleaver: “Golly, Ward, how come you liked to read so much as a kid?”

Mr. Cleaver: “Well, gee, I guess because nobody ever told me I had to do it.”


Sure, Ward, you were a little hard on “The Beaver” at times, but he had it coming. And in case you missed it, teachers, letting kids read for enjoyment might be the best thing you can do.


(I’m keeping an eye out for some insight from Eddie Haskell too, but so far the only educational thing he’s done was teach Beaver how to say, “You have a face like a pig,” in Spanish. Usted tiene una cara como puerco,if you want to start trying it out for yourself.)


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