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12 Jan

After a long hiatus, I’ve once again found myself wandering the halls of academia. Thank goodness I didn’t get rid of all my khaki trousers and button down shirts. Though, this time around I won’t be managing a traditional classroom, nor will I be wrestling with a plunger or mopping pee off the floor and walls of the boy’s bathroom. (I must admit, though, I will miss driving the floor scrubber up and down the hallway like a racecar and doing 180’s in the cafeteria.) What’s in store for 2015? Well, for starters, more blog posts. Seeing as I’m back in school, it only makes sense to write about the world around me. I’ll also be publishing a story via Kindle Direct very soon. A middle-grade historical fiction story that I titled The Light on Heart Mountain. Another writing project involves finishing a memoir based on the many awkward and uncomfortable situations I went through shortly after leaving the classroom in June of 2012. There were so many that I just had to write them down. I learned a lot. It’s currently in the hands of my lovely wife, who will scrutinize go through it line by line and shred my confidence offer suggestions in an effort to make it better. It’s a wonderful, ugly, and messy process that we’ve gone through before.

Thanks for stopping by,

Mr. B

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