It’s in the Bag

23 Jan

Looking for a way to improve your “teaching” persona? One of the easiest ways to look like a real pro is to carry some type of bag back and forth between the parking lot and your school building. Call it what you want…a bag, a tote, an attaché case, a brief case, or a satchel, it does the trick-even if it’s empty. It says, “Not only do I bust my hump at school, but I work on things at home too.”

Here’s what I like to keep in my “teacher” bag:

*Food-usually stuff that doesn’t spoil. A box of cookies, a can of corned beef hash, etc.

*Plastic silverware-I hate doing dishes.

*Paper towel or napkins-just in case I spill or make a mess.

*A stash of corrected papers-for those times when I leave my bag lying around and someone peeks inside.

Hope this helps,

Mr. B

Ps-If you really want to impress people, get something with wheels.

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