Do You Like Toast?

16 Apr

Let’s say you want to show a short video to your class, and even though it has really good information, it’s a little on the dry side. (I’m talking about ones that have educational value and are obviously tied to the curriculum in some way. What did you think I was talking about?) The internet is full of these things, and let’s be honest, some of them are pretty hokey. When I want to show a dry, hokey video with lots of good information, I also find another short one that is just plain fun. (Like the toast song.) I say, “I’m going to show two short videos, and I want you to tell me which one you like best.” Always start with the educational one. As soon as it’s finished, be sure to review important ideas and concepts-just like a real teacher would do. Then show the fun one. After the second video, say something like, “So, which one did you like best?” This way the kids learn what they need to and you won’t get a reputation as always showing boring videos.

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Posted by on April 16, 2015 in Teaching Tips


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