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Look in the Mirror








Regardless of your chosen profession, always check your teeth after lunch.

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A Great Way to Meet New People

cell phone 747On the back cover of my first book, in the biography section, I stated that I “always look forward to a good snowstorm.” In light of recent events, that sentiment is under review. What you see in the picture is actually the result of a blizzard (Wind speed over 35 mph, temperature below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, blowing snow making it nearly impossible to see and lasting more than three hours.) Yup, that’s my van stuck in the middle of the road where it sat for over twelve hours. My family and I spent the night with people we’d never met before.

I learned a few things from the whole experience, though. If the authorities advise folks to stay off the roads, there’s usually a good reason for it. Most importantly, it’s always best to get stranded near a house with someone living in it. Preferably a nice warm house with a friendly older couple. What could have been a tragic situation turned into a wonderful opportunity to make new friends!

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Krause Memorial Library (Rockford, MI): Monday, June 24th-6:30 p.m.

krause II

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He’s Back!

Class Visit

I spent some time last week at a local (and very familiar) elementary school sharing the joys and struggles of writing with the students there. I showed them a lot of this:

revising II  revising IIrevising I

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Thursday, January 17th-Schuler Books

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Weird Teacher, Eh?

WordPress recently sent me an annual report with some facts and figures about my blog for 2012. It said that a lot of people found it by searching “weird teacher.” Not sure how I feel about that. Another popular search was “coke bottle glasses.” So just for fun, here you go:

School Pic









(Yes, it’s an an actual school picture-it was not taken at Glamour Shots.)


I suppose “weird teacher” could have something to do with this photograph I put on a newsletter a few years ago:


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The Ugly Side of Writing

Here are some photos showing the “ugly” side of writing. These are from a current project. More on this later in the week.

revising Irevising II

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