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I Killed a Book Today

I killed a book today. That’s right…I shot it…with a twelve gauge shot gun…to make a point. One slugdead-book through the front cover and right out the back. But it wasn’t the first time I killed one. I’ve killed books before- never with a firearm, though. No, I didn’t strangle or stab them. It wasn’t like that. I was much more subtle, and it was never intentional, either. Unlike today.

Assigning a trainload of mind-numbing activities and drills which take up enormous amounts of time and energy with bulky packets of worksheets for weeks on end is another way to slaughter a good story. Placing sticky notes in every crack and crevice, looking up mountains of unfamiliar words in the dictionary, assigning numerous essays comparing the book with the movie, and answering a slew of multiple-choice questions will surely do it too.

Don’t get me wrong…It’s okay to do some of that stuff sparingly, but not in heavy doses. So go easy, lighten up a little, and don’t overdo it. More time should be spent enjoying books, not dissecting them. Don’t be a book killer.

Hope this helps,

Mr. B

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Posted by on February 8, 2017 in Teaching Tips


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